Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Why I love working here..."

Recently, to help with our hiring plans particularly on the sales front, we asked some of our current sales reps to write down, in their own words, why they like working at HouseValues. Here are some of their unedited responses:

Ilyana Khanlarova
"Working at HouseValues, I've learned a LOT about sales and marketing. HouseValues has changed my life by providing me with knowledge and experience. It's amazing to see a small company grow into a publicly-traded company. I think that kind of experience can definitely teach you a lot about the corporate world. These skills will help me, no matter where I'm at in my life - personally or professionally."

Robert Dietz
"I enjoy helping newer account executives become successful. I'm a member of a very respectful, hard-working group of professionals. I wish I had come to HouseValues a few years earlier. It has allowed me to do so much for my family."

Diana Ladiser
"I love working with really nice, professional people and helping agents succeed with their professional goals."

Spencer Dahlquist
"HouseValues has opened up many doors in my life. It has created opportunities for me, and the company culture is one that can't be matched."

Les Metrovich
"I love helping others succeed, as well as the support of the people on my team. HouseValues has taught me more about sales than I ever learned at my previous company. Every day I learn something new."

Kevin Meyer
"I would have to say the most rewarding aspect of this job is knowing that every day we are making a difference and changing the lives of our customers. It is very satisfying to work for a company that takes so much pride in what we do and the success of our agents. I am proud of what I do and every one of us in this company."

"I enjoy getting up and coming into work. You have the ability to hold your head high knowing that you are making a difference in others' lives. I would also have to say that every day I learn from those around me because everybody here has so much that they bring to the table."

Jeff Otis
"I get to work with highly-motivated and ambitious people all day long. The biggest reward is that I am learning a tremendous amount about sales and how to be a professional sales person, while working in an atmosphere which I love, around people who are fun, and in a company that is growing rapidly."

Todd Bullock
"HouseValues has given me the confidence to believe that I can achieve anything that I want to, as well as the courage to go after it!"

Steve Anderson
"This job combines self motivation and total gratification. This team is like a family. We are all in to help each other be as successful as possible."

Jana Monares
"The greatest part of this job is the team I'm on. It's very supportive, fun and creative, like one big family. This job has given me more confidence in myself and my abilities to do great things."