Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Keeping Your Holliday Pipeline Full

Working the HouseValues system and leads generates activity and listings as Jill Ludwig shares on the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

“I just hit the 6 month mark with HouseValues. I only have HouseValues and I started with 12 leads per month. I just cut down to 6 a month. I did nothing in the beginning, but the last 2 months I have had 5 listing appointments and just landed my 3rd listing tonight. My office is really slow right now. Besides my sphere of influence (which is small) my only quality leads are HouseValues. I have even had a referral from one of the CMA requests on a drip campaign for one of her friends who is looking to buy. I have only been in the business for a year and a half and full time for the last 6 months. All the heavy hitters in my office say "you have to list to last".... So until my marketing budget picks up I think that I will stick with the HouseValues leads. Good luck!”