Sunday, September 03, 2006

Customer Turnaround Stories

Not every HouseValues customer immediately experiences how effective the system can be in helping them grow their business and make more money. Some customers become "HouseValues believers" after a few months, and in some cases their second time around as a HouseValues subscriber.

No matter how they came to become believers, the stories below are some of our favorites.

(This is a progressive post, with more successful "turnaround" stories posted as we hear them)

Once Skeptical About Buying Leads, Now a True Believer
Aleta Galusha has been in real estate for 30 years and shares how she was skeptical about purchasing buyer leads in the beginning. She continues to work the HouseValues system and has renewed her subscription as she has seen her business skyrocket to new levels since joining.

Cultivating Internet Buyer Leads Takes Time
This subscriber was uncertain about seeing a return on his investment when he first signed up to receive JustListed buyer leads. He committed himself to working the system and within time started seeing results. So far with JustListed, he has closed four transactions, earning $20,000 in commissions and has two other deals pending.

The Pay Off
This subscriber wasn't entirely sure he made the right decision at first when he signed up to receive Internet seller leads. See how attending a HouseValues seminar changed his mind and by sticking with the system he's secured a $2.6 million listing.

"Give It Time and Work Each Lead"
Michael and Frances Gaglione have been HouseValues subscribers since 2004. They were frustrated in the beginning, feeling like they were spending a lot of money and not seeing any results. Today, they are true believers having closed 15 JustListed and 3 HouseValues transactions!

Success in Columbus
Mike Whiteman wasn’t happy with his leads early on. But after working with his HouseValues coach and re-connecting with his leads, literally a week later, he’d already listed a few homes. Thirteen homes sold and six more listed later, he’s doing quite well.

Turning It Around in Texas
This subscriber was frustrated at first, but changed her mindset and is now seeing results from her efforts.

Turning The Corner
This subscriber is "content in Connecticut" with three pending deals, after starting the year concerned whether HouseValues would work out.

"Won't Lose Another Listing Again"
This competitive subscriber lost a listing to another agent, but changed her follow-up strategy and is now seeing significant success.

He's Back, and Already Successful
A second-time HouseValues subscriber comes back after noticing that his previous leads were converting into transactions.

He's Back, and More Successful Than Ever!
This agent took a three-year hiatus from HouseValues, but quickly started seeing success when he came back earlier this year.

Inspirational Words
These comments were posted on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum in response to subscribers who had expressed frustration early on.

Her New Personal Assistant
This subscriber was frustrated earlier in the year, but four transactions later is a believer!

Twice the Income Of Other Agents
This agent didn't fully utilize the entire HouseValues system early on, but is now on pace to exceed $100,000 in HouseValues-generated income this year!

Customers Helping Customers
This post from the HouseValues Mastermind Forum is in response to a customer who expressed frustration early in her subscription.

Celebrating One Year with Lots of Customers
This customer was frustrated after six months, but now on her one-year anniversary with HouseValues has several completed and pending transactions.

A Brutally Honest Story About HouseValues
This customer shares his story of first frustration, then success with HouseValues.

A Skeptic Becomes A Believer
Great story here of an agent who attended a seminar, started the day frustrated, and finished the day very excited about his business potential with HouseValues.