Friday, August 11, 2006

Twice the income of other area agents

Greg Nino joined HouseValues in January of this year in the Houston market. After just seven months, he's already on pace to exceed $100,000 in income this year, twice that of the average agent in Houston.

Here's more in Greg's own words:

“I’ve been a real estate agent for two years and have tried other lead generation companies before joining HouseValues. I was skeptical about subscribing to HouseValues at first because I hadn’t had much success with other companies. It took about a month to see results because I was stuck in my traditional ways of marketing my business and in the beginning did not take advantage of the Market Leader system provided.

When I started to see the value of Market Leader, I put all my contacts into the database. I’ve closed a number of transactions from prospects imported into Market Leader. From my HouseValues pipeline, I average four transactions and $14,000 in commissions each month. I expect to do $100,000 in business this year, while the average agent in my market is doing $40,000-$50,000.

Next year, I expect to increase my business by 50% with the help of HouseValues. I went into this with the understanding that I’ll get out of it what I put into it – money and time wise. When I’m not showing homes I’m working my leads through Market Leader. My original thought was if I can make $6,000 from HouseValues within the first year everything else will be gravy. I’m happy to say I’ve far exceeded my expectations. Thank you, HouseValues!”

Congratulations Greg!