Thursday, August 10, 2006

And everything else is gravy...

Vanessa Crelia, an Agent CEO and HouseValues subscriber in Yuma, Arizona, was a quick HouseValues system convert. Here's what she recently wrote to us:

“I’ve been in business for seven years as the owner of a relocation company. I got my real estate license to provide an additional service to my clients. I signed up with JustListed a month later and started receiving buyer leads. I expect to close my first JustListed deal within 45 days of becoming a subscriber! The purchase price on this home is $182,000 and the commission amount of $4,550 more than pays for my first year’s subscription! I’m also currently working with six short-term JustListed buyers and of these, one deal will be in contract next week. This system has been phenomenal! Thank you, JustListed! ”