Friday, August 18, 2006

Picking from The Money Tree

For the past two weeks, our sales team in Kirkland has engaged in a very fun and well-executed promotion focused on this Money Tree. Each day, several account executives (who becomes eligible based on the previous day's activity) are chosen via a random drawing to pick a "dollar" off of the tree. Each dollar has a number printed on it, and the numbers are matched to prizes on a list.

Some prizes are $10 Starbuck's gift cards and DVDs, but also on the tree was a weekend trip to Vegas.

Notice I said "was", as in past tense. Earlier today, after nine days of "leaves" coming off that tree, one particular rep's name was chosen. Her excitement at merely getting a chance to pick from the tree was priceless - screaming, jumping up and down, the like.

Once she heard that her random number corresponded to the trip to Vegas, we all thought she was going to explode. Members of the technology team came up from downstairs to see what was going on. Even account executives who clearly also wanted that trip were enjoying the expression of pure joy.

She's been on a high all day.