Friday, August 18, 2006

A week full of successful seminars

A quick update on several successful HouseValues seminars this week before we head out for a beautiful Seattle summertime weekend. Most weeks we hold seminars in 2-3 markets, but this week we had five scheduled. All were excellent.

Costa Mesa
Staci Dancey was the featured speaker in Costa Mesa. She told the group that after 6 years she continues to experience even more success with the leads we send her. She stated that over the course of the last six years she has earned over $5 million dollars directly from the leads we sent her. She also mentioned that every single time she has attended a seminar, she always walks away with several ideas which she can incorporate in her business.

Margie Brockman told the group that she was about to quit the service after almost one year. At the beginning of the 12th month she received a call from a prospect who stated; “I’ve done everything you told me to do over the last 10 months and I am now ready to have you come and list my home.” Margie had never spoken to the prospect! This demonstrates the power of the campaigns.

Karen Packman has been with us for 3 years and has earned over $225,000 from our leads.

This was our very first seminar in Calgary and had 30 people in the room who had never attended a HouseValues seminar. A few of them drove 3 hours (from Edmonton) to attend. Our speaker, Trevor Howard, has been with us for one year and told how he closed six on the leads. The Walpers, a family of three, have closed three transactions in six months and have two in the closing process. Stuart Neal has been with us since April and has earned $40,000 in commissions from our leads.

Vancouver, B.C.
The majority of the class was brand new to the system. There were several agents who I recognized from previous seminars. They are experiencing good success with the system. The guest speaker Leslie Wagstaff has been with JustListed since January, closed over 6 transactions and has several more in the showing process.