Thursday, January 04, 2007

One Listing = 16 Condo Units!

Starlena Meeks shares her amazing success story on the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

“I started with HouseValues JustListed in September 2006. I have received a whole bunch of duds but I also I have received a very handsome listing from JustListed. Naturally it was a surprise to me because I was expecting buyers only. The listing I received was for a 16 unit apartment building that is being converted to a condo conversion. I am selling each unit separately. The seller and my team have developed a fantastic relationship. As a result I will be receiving two more listings of two projects through this seller that is a total of 500 condo units. It's TRUE! Stay patient, and enjoy the support. Keep an above average attitude, smile all the time, positive energy will come right back to you. Say and expect it then enjoy it. Happy New Year God bless you all.”