Friday, August 04, 2006

Why we do what we do

Customer interaction and feedback is a core part of our culture at HouseValues. We anxiously look forward to everything our customers tell us - good and bad.

It's particularly heart-warming when we read letters like the one below from Mary Jo West in Birmingham, Alabama. It's notes like this from our customers that reinforce why we do what we do, and get us excited to impact the lives and businesses of even more real estate professionals across the country.

From Mary Jo West – Birmingham, AL

“I continue to be one of your greatest cheerleaders and when we get calls from competitive lead generation systems bashing HouseValues, I just tell them I am probably your greatest fan and that I consider you guys the gorilla of lead generation and that it has a professional approach that, so far, is unequalled in this industry.

It just took a day with Bruce Downs in one of your seminars for my husband and me to understand the long term philosophy of your system and we not only approach our business now as lead generation being our primary focus, but also, we think that the Market Leader software is the best contact database management system out there. Unlike other contact management systems, I love that it is Internet based, I can access it anywhere, and I never worry about backing up data or creating campaigns, or sending a newsletter. HouseValues does that all for you. For all that you get in software, templates, campaigns, seminars, and unsurpassed customer support, I consider you the best value for our dollars of any that we spend.

Our goal is to keep a pipeline full of over 10,000 prospects --- we're almost 10% there. Today was an office day for us and my husband spent it on the phone with JustListed prospects. I worked CMAs for HouseValues and set up searches as he qualified JustListed buyers. We got 2 solid A prospects who will buy within 30 days and 2 solid B prospects who will buy in 60 days. One CMA has said they will FSBO for one month and if it's not sold, we'll get the listing. As days of prospecting go, I would consider this a very successful one. For anyone who understands that "it ain't yo' mama's real estate company anymore", HouseValues is absolutely vital to an agent's success. Thank you.”