Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A day with customers in Seattle

We held a subscriber seminar in downtown Seattle today, hosting subscribers from across the area for a day of learning and networking. We love the chance to interact directly with our customers, and especially to see the whites of each others’ eyes. We talk to our customers daily, but mostly via the phone. These seminars are our opportunity to talk in person, one-on-one with hundreds of customers each month.

When the seminars come to Seattle, which they do 3-4 times each year, it’s an opportunity for far more HouseValues employees to attend and interact with customers. Today was no different.

It’s exciting to see new customers at the seminar get even more excited about the system as the day goes on. It’s also exciting to see new HouseValues employees attend the seminars, and get more excited about the impact we’re having on our customers’ lives and businesses. Very few companies have the privilege of working so closely with their customers like we do, and it’s truly a joy to see that impact first-hand.

David Albertson was the guest speaker. David joined HouseValues in December of 2000, so is coming up on six years as a HouseValues subscriber. When he described his strategy for working with Internet leads, you could hear a pin drop in the room.