Thursday, October 12, 2006

Getting the Most Out Of Internet Leads

Melissa Lax with McAdams Realty Company in Hot Springs, AR, a HouseValues subscriber for less than a month, is already having success and is a believer! In her first coaching call, she set goals to get JustListed buyer leads, work the leads and turn them into sales.

She feels it is important to follow up with every lead and not cherry pick the leads. She believes that you never know a buyer’s true price range until you follow up. After all, she says the reason she is in this business is to help people and by following up on all requests she is able to do just that.

Here’s a perfect example of how Melissa’s positive attitude is paying off when it comes to treating all leads the same: A lead came through her JustListed pipeline at the beginning of the month and the buyer had requested a price range of $0 - $50,000. She followed up and as a result has drawn up a contract with the prospect!

Nicely done, Melissa!