Friday, December 29, 2006

Staying on Top

“I have been here since June 2006 and haven't had a HouseValues or JustListed sale yet; however, I've put all my clients information in the market leader system and it keeps me on top of email campaigns and follow-ups as well. But not only that, I've built a nice pipeline with over 20 buyers and several have already contacted me. If nothing else, this market leader system keeps me organized and in front of my people. They all tell me that I respond quickly to them. I've even put renters in it and send them buying info as well, because one day, they too will purchase. It is well worth its weight in gold and I love it, even if I didn't get leads as well! There is nothing like organization because I don't always have the time to remember what 5 people need, let alone 20! This system is powerful and I haven't even used everything it has to offer.”

- Michelle Hudson