Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rising Success in Houston

Diego Jaramillo a Market Leader advocate from Houston, TX shares his success on the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

"All along I've kept up with the forum and have used the great ideas that have funneled from it. I subscribed in February 2006 and have been trying to be proactive with the leads. I received a lead in April that looked very promising. I kept sending her listings and mailed her a relocation packet I created in hopes of establishing good communication. She flew down in July 2006 to preview some of the listings we had marked. She came down with two friends of hers who also wanted to "preview" Houston. My JustListed buyer did not move to Houston, she plans on relocating next year. One of her friends who came with her however chose to move and I quickly set her up on MarketLeader and drip...drip...drip....we closed last Friday ($294,000 with a 2K Builder Bonus). My second scenario was with Housevalues. The prospect received all the information I sent to her but was planning on listing the town home herself in the Houston Museum District. Drip...drip...drip....We listed her town home for $379,000 - beautiful two atrium town home w/ custom pool. Needless to say, it's taken me a few months but I use the Market Leader system as part of my daily work ritual - there's no routine about it!"