Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Learning From The Best

Jennifer O'Hanley uses tips from the Online HouseValues MasterMind forum to help her gain the knowledge she needs to be successful with her HouseValues system and leads:

“I am pleased to say that having been a subscriber to HouseValues since the end of February of 2006 I finally have a house under contract. I believe that quick responses are imperative. I had sent the mini CMA and about 5 days later they called to thank me and ask if I could show them homes. They had been waiting for another agent to call them back for days. Needless to say they started working with me and within 3 weeks we had a home under contract. They have decided to try to sell their home on their own first, and if it does not sell they will list with me. We have built a great relationship and they are wonderful people to have in my database. I thank so many of the great agents here on the forum for their sharing of ideas. I come here to learn often. I am hoping to have some great tips of my own to share soon. I look forward to continuing to build my pipeline and hoping for an unbelievable year in 2007! I wish you all much success and if you are optimistic and patient it WILL happen!”