Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Treat Every Prospect As If They Will Transact Tomorrow

A new Maryland HouseValues agent had a great post on the MasterMind forum sharing her success as she marches to the HouseValues beat by treating all leads equally:

"I just joined HouseValues in August. The first lead I received stated he was not interested in moving until 6 months from the date of his inquiry. I called to confirm his information, sent an email thanking him for his time and begin locating New Construction in his areas of interest. Just 5 days later, I sent him a listings which he expressed immediate interest.

We viewed the property together the following week and he loved it but he was not ready to write a contract. A few days later he was ready to put a contract on the house. Today, we submitted an offer - we are waiting for the Builder to ratify the contract (in this market, we rarely have a counteroffer or refusal on New Construction Developments). The contract is contingent on the sale of my clients home and does have a 48 hr first right of refusal. Other than that it’s a SOLID CONTRACT! Oh and by the way, I meet another HV lead next week!

Happy Sales and Best Wishes"