Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Power of Hand Deliveries

Another powerful post on the HouesValues MasterMind forum as a Seattle agent shares how her steady stream of business and hand delivery techniques have turned into cash money:

"I just got my first listing and it sold over this last weekend. I was also called from a client to list their home and I now have that listing as well. The second client interviewed me 2 months ago, but she went with someone else. They overpriced her home and it sat for 45 days. They got frustrated with no showings and decided to fire the other agent. She was so impressed with me leaving the folder earlier she called me after she cancelled with the first agent.
4 months to the day... I am real excited now, because these two sales cover my cost of HouseValues for the entire year.

I have found the service so helpful, even when I was stressed out, the kept encouraging me, and were always very professional.

Thanks for all your help”.