Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mortgage Success Stories

Our mortgage customers are experiencing phenomenal success by leveraging a combination of leads, marketing tools and networking that's leading to higher close rates and accelerated incomes for mortgage professionals nationwide.

Below are several success stories from our mortgage customers.

(This is a progressive post, with more stories added over time.)

Mortgage All-Star at Apex Lending
Jack Sanford with Apex Lending has been in the mortgage business for two months and is already having phenomenal success! He signed up to receive TLP mortgage leads from HouseValues a month ago. He already has 35 TLP leads converted to loans.

For all business, Jack is happy to report that he will be closing his second month in business profiting $200,000.

Now that’s something we like to call success!

60% Conversion Rate on HouseValues Mortgage Leads
Phillis Salter of Star Home Mortgage, a mortgage professional for seven years, is having success with the HouseValues Mortgage leads she started receiving three months ago. Her volume has increased significantly, from 30 to 250 per month.

Phillis and her team are getting in contact with 85% of the leads they receive. Of that percentage, they begin the process with 75% and have been able to close about 60% of the leads.

A 20% Conversion Rate, and Counting
Matthew Ingalls has only been in the mortgage business for a year and a half, but with HouseValues has closed 4 transactions with an additional 3 pending transactions in process. He anticipates a closing run rate of 6 transactions a month from here on.

Mortgage Lead Conversion Rates
Inman News did a nice job yesterday covering a new study from consulting firm Real IQ, measuring conversion rates of mortgage leads generated by HouseValues. The net of the findings was that nearly one in four loan requests convert into a transaction within a year.

Fast Success at First Horizon
This loan officer has three closings in his first month, and is primed for more with his great follow-up system.

Dream Results for Dream Home Financial
This mortgage broker has $12,000 in fees in the pipeline in just one month, with at least 10 more deals in the coming months just based on his current pipeline of prospective customers.

Two Mortgage Professionals, Two Success Stories
A couple quick success stories from mortgage customers who are working prospective home buyers with a network of local real estate agents.

Seven Closings Already This Month
Ron Nelson and John Tenold from Quick Mortgage Services closed seven loans from HouseValues mortgage leads in one partial month.

HouseValues Featured in Mortgage Banking Magazine
The cover story of June's issue of Mortgage Banking Magazine, one of the most well-respected magazines in the mortgage industry, featured a lengthy section on HouseValues.