Monday, September 18, 2006

More Success in Seattle

Several more customer success stories in the Seattle market were heard at last week's Customer Appreciation Night. Here's a sample:

Wes Neal
Van Dorm Realty
Olympia, WA
Wes has been with HouseValues for nine months, and has had five transactions. Wes attributes his success to his follow up with the Market Leader system. He immediately puts his prospects in some sort of email campaign.

Keith Hanson
John L. Scott
Bellevue, WA
Keith joined HouseValues in the Bellevue area three years ago. In his first year with HouseValues, he did not see the success he was hoping for. He said it was because he didn't have time to follow up with his prospects, or effectively use the system. Toward the end of his second year, he made some big changes. With so much money out, and no money coming in, he held himself accountable. He started following up with his leads immediately. He took the extra effort of driving by the prospect's home to drop off CMA's in hopes to get some face time. His extra effort is now paying off big-time. He has made 10 transactions this year with HouseValues leads, with commissions exceeding $150,000.

Katrina Williams
John L. Scott
Lynnwood, WA
Katrina signed up two years ago. She received her first transaction six months into the program. According to her teammate Joel Kois, Williams's business didn't just snowball after that. Instead, it experienced an AVALANCHE. Katrina's team currently generates approximately 40 percent of their business through HouseValues. Kois says the team is projected to do $6 million in sales volume this year and another $10 million next year from HouseValues.