Friday, September 01, 2006

More bands from HouseValues

This is the second in a series of ongoing posts highlighting what HouseValues employees are doing outside of the office. We call it our HouseValues “Who’s In Your House” program.

Not to be outdone by the Appalachian Death Polka reported earlier this week, a duo of HouseValues account executives form two-fifths of another infamous local band – Metal Boyz.

John Lockhart and Tom Woo, members of the Kirkland sales team, started playing guitar around age 13. They met at a party a couple years later, and ended up forming a garage band with other friends. Metal Boyz was formed in the summer of 2002, and focuses on “costume hard rock” from the 80’s – including covers of classic hits from Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and more. (That’s Tom and John, respectively, second and third from the left in the picture. This is very different from what they look like during the week.)

Since forming in 2002, they’ve played more than 150 shows across the Northwest, and have been written up in Seattle and Portland as one of the area’s top performing cover bands.

For local readers, their next gig will be Saturday, September 16, at the Shark in Kirkland.