Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Measuring success in Minneapolis

Mike Carlier has been a HouseValues subscriber in the Minneapolis area for two years. Mike understands the value of a long-term lead and takes a moment to share some inspiring words about how he’s been successful with JustListed buyer leads. Here’s what he had to say:

“I joined JustListed in August 2004 and started out receiving three buyer leads a month. In 2005, I increased the amount of leads to six and then twelve leads a month. JustListed has delivered considerably more than the guaranteed number of leads. So far, JustListed leads have yielded six buyer transactions and three listings, of which one has sold and closed. My return on investment is about 5 to 1. Business continues to flow in, keeping my pipeline full from the JustListed leads I receive. I believe my success comes from understanding the value of a long-term lead. It is important to build a pipeline and nurture leads for as long as it takes until they are ready to transact. My favorite lead is a valid email address period.

Early in the home search process, most serious Internet shoppers want only information and they want it anonymously. Each additional bit of info, real name, real phone #, real address, etc., increases the possibility that the lead is either not very serious or not very cautious, and may be submitting requests to more than one Web site.

Less information increases the level of relative exclusivity in the lead.

Thank you JustListed for helping me succeed in this business!”