Thursday, September 14, 2006

Internet Consumers Want Real-Time Responses

Lauren Nemeschansky of Santa Clarita, CA shares her secrets to success with HouseValues and JustListed:

“When I started the program I told the sales rep I must be crazy but would take a chance and give it a try. I have been with the program for 5 months now. After 3 months I sold a home in one week to an out of town buyer. Last week I listed and put in an offer on a home from another client that I received through the program. Three days ago I listed another house from a neighbor who visited my open house and was impressed with me and my "House Water Bottles" I learned about on the forum. Today we just put in an offer on her "move up" home.

I think Just Listed and HouseValues is a wonderful marketing tool, much better than any other marketing or lead service that I have tried so far. I do believe based on my customer feedback that being fast to respond to the customer requests is the key to success. I have had a couple of leads tell me that they had an agent or felt obligated to use a friend BUT I do believe that in the future it is likely they will send business to my website since they feel that it is a useful tool and have told me that I provide an excellent service. Internet marketing is the "new" way to canvass and lets all agree that it is a whole lot better than door knocking.”

Way to go Lauren!