Monday, September 18, 2006

HouseValues Customers Innovating By Using Whole System

HouseValues agents share their best practices with each other during last week’s seminar series.


Jeremy Davis, from the Denver area provided us with a great idea he is using. It is a good example of viral marketing. He sends a Just Listed e-postcard to his sellers, featuring their home. He lets them know that they are welcome to forward it to their family and friends. I think that is so smart and he says his sellers love it. He knows he will get response from that.

Borders Books

Sharon Martin, from Salt Lake City is a new person in town and fairly new to real estate. She wanted to figure out how to meet as many people as possible and grow her pipeline. She came up with this great idea which has worked well for her. She checked out what the busiest time in Border’s Book Store was and sat down in the real estate section with a sign up sheet for email addresses. She knew many people who were interested in buying or selling would go there and check out the books on how to sell their homes. She met them, obtained their email addresses and offered to send them info and help them buy and/or sell.