Friday, September 01, 2006

House on a Stick Revisited (and on video)

Several months ago Claudia Wicks first reported on Jon Hoffmeister, a Minneapolis-area HouseValues subscriber who had created a unique marketing idea called "House on a Stick." Jon earned $17,000 from last year's Minneapolis State Fair with this idea, jointly created by Jon and his HouseValues coach Mark Strother.

Earlier this week, we caught up with Jon (attending our seminar in Minneapolis during a break from this year's fair) and interviewed both him and Mark Strother, who was in town for the seminar.

The result is a fascinating interview, and a great example of how HouseValues coaches go above and beyond to help customer not only get more out of their HouseValues subsription, but get completely out of the box to create new ways to help real estate professionals get more business and make more money.

Great work Jon and Mark!

Check out the video via YouTube here!