Monday, September 25, 2006

Customers Speak Out At HouseValues Company Meeting

Today we held our quarterly HouseValues company meeting to learn about current company focus and initiatives. Ian Morris, HouseValues CEO began the meeting talking about what an honor it has been to spend time with our customers on the "Customer Listening Tour". The focus of the entire meeting surrounded our most important company focus, listening and meeting our valuable customers.

We had two fantastic customers speak about their experience with the HouseValues system, leads and most important customer service. Our first speaker was non other than Don Love, HouseValues 25th customer. Don has been a customer since 2000. Our founder Mark Powell drove to Portland Oregon to sign Don up in the evolutionary phases of our company.

Don stated: "HouseValues changed my business as the systematized methods of MarketLeader helped me become more organized so I can deliver the highest level of service possible to each and every customer."

Our second speaker Katrina Williams from Lynwood, Washington has been with HouseValues since 2003. Working 20 hours a week, Katrina has mastered her MarketLeader system and leads "the foundation of her business". Her first year in real estate Katrina made $1 million. She still works only 20 hours a week managing a team who runs her entire business from MarketLeader. Katrina is on track to make $18 million this year. The HouseValues system and leads have enabled Katrina to have a fulfilling personal life in addition to achieving her career aspirations as a real estate consultant.