Friday, September 01, 2006

Customers Caught on Tape

It's one thing to read words spoken by our customers, and it's quite another thing to see them say it.

Below are some of our favorite customer video interviews, stories from agents nationwide who have used the HouseValues system to enjoy significant new success and higher incomes.

(This is a progressive post, with new videos added from time to time.)

Debbie Hart, Centoni Real Estate Professionals
Debbie Hart with Centoni Real Estate Professionals out of Walnut Creek, CA has been a full-time real estate agent for over 30 years.In this short video interview, she shares how the HouseValues system is helping her maintain a successful business in the East San Francisco Bay area.

Jennifer Seidelman, Vantage Point Real Estate
In this less than two minute video interview, Jennifer Seidelman with Vantage Point Real Estate and HouseValues subscriber in the San Francisco area talks about the technology she uses to stand apart from the competition and be the first agent to respond to leads.

Rick Lewis, Orange County Distinctive Homes
In this short video interview, Rick Lewis with Orange County Distinctive Homes and HouseValues subscriber in the Los Angeles area talks about the successful follow up techniques he is incorporating into his business.Click here to view his video.

Beth Walsh, Tarbell Realtors
Beth Walsh with Tarbell Realtors has been a HouseValues subscriber for four years. It took her about 14 months to close her first lead, but her patience paid off. Four transactions resulted from this one lead! In this short video interview find out how Beth turned her business around.Click here to view her video.

Alan Goldbarg, RE/MAX Heritage Homes
In this two minute video, Alan Goldbarg, San Diego RE/Max Heritage Homes agent and 2 year HouseValues subscriber, talks about how his Internet marketing strategy is helping him win listings.Click here to view his video.

Joel Persinger, RE/MAX Heritage Homes
In this short video clip, Joel Persinger, RE/MAX Heritage Homes agent and HouseValues subscriber in the San Diego area, shares best practices and the Internet marketing strategies that make him successful.Click here to view his video.

Michael Beauchman, ReMax-experience
Check out this short video interview with Michael Beauchman, a five-year HouseValues subscriber from the Los Angeles area. He discusses the importance of follow up in real estate and how he stays fresh on new ideas by networking with agents at local seminars.Click here to view his video.

Connie Marks, One Source Realty in San Diego
This less-than-a-minute video of Connie Marks, a three-year HouseValues subscriber from the San Diego area, says a lot about how many agents feel about what the HouseValues system has meant to their business.Check out her video here.

Kay Burgess, Heritage Realty
In this quick video interview, Kay discusses her three homes under contract, thanks to her HouseValues subscription, as well as the impact her HomePages advertising has had with prospective customers across the market.

John Zavodnick, RE/MAX Associates Plus
John Zavodnick, an Agent CEO with RE/MAX Associates Plus in Eagen Minnesota, has been with HouseValues for just under a year, but already has 15 transactions under his belt from the service.

Six Months and Six Transactions
John and his wife started with HouseValues in March of this year, and in the past six months have already closed four transactions with two more in the works.

Michael Sak, Realty Executives
Michael Sak is a HouseValues subscriber in the Minneapolis area with Realty Executives. In his first year with HouseValues, he closed two transactions. Last year, he closed 11 deals. He expects to double that again in 2006.

Scott Bliss, RE/MAX Action
Scott Bliss has been a HouseValues subscriber for a couple years. With RE/MAX Action in the Chicago area, Scott credits HouseValues for helping him achieve a 500% ROI on his marketing dollar, with at least eight transactions in just the past six months alone.

House on a Stick
This creative Minneapolis-area agent worked with his HouseValues coach to create a marketing strategy that has earned him tens of thousands of dollars. See him here discuss his "House on a Stick" program with his HouseValues coach.

Donna Largen, RE/MAX Properties
In this video interview, Donna talks about her advice for other agents interested in building their business with Internet-enabled consumers.

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words
See five HouseValues agents answer questions about the role of the Internet in their marketing strategy, the changes they've seen with consumers in recent years, and what HouseValues has meant to their business.
* Jennifer Seidelman
* Tami Boni
* Joel Persinger
* Staci Dancey
* David Albertson

A Video Blast from the Past
In May of 2003, HouseValues held its second-annual Success Summit in Seattle, hosting several hundred customers for a three-day conference focused on helping make them better, more successful real estate professionals. Over the course of the three days, we invited several subscribers to sit in front of a camera and talk about their experiences with HouseValues. This video was the result.