Friday, September 22, 2006

Building Relationships

Donna and Dennis Smolinski from North San Diego share some great wisdom about building relationships on the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

"We joined HouseValues 90 days ago in hopes of developing a higher quality "farm". Our contacts from HouseValues certainly seem better than blindly sending mail to a geographic farm. Also, keep in mind that our marketing material costs in our geographic farm was about the same as our HouseValues monthly cost.

We are quite impressed with the thoroughness of the HouseValues system. It is not only thorough, but it's quite easy to learn and to use. We have not generated a sale from our leads yet, but we have cultivated several good relationships with a few leads (one of these leads didn't even give a phone number, but we've already been invited to view his home). Another widowed lady allowed us to preview her home and personally review a detailed CMA with her. She's started looking at property with us, as she's considering moving from a two story to a one story home. This client will most likely turn into a "double pop".

Leads from HouseValues or JustListed cannot be looked at as "immediate" transactions. A couple other leads that I have spoken to are not ready to sell yet, but I am sure if we continue with proper follow-up, drip, etc., they will eventually turn into an earned commission. They just aren't ready quite yet. This industry is based on "relationships" and a relationship is not developed overnight."