Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Listings while on vacation

Great message received this morning from a customer leaving for vacation, and looking forward to making money while on his trip!

Here I am madly trying to get everything organized so that I can leave for a week’s Alaska cruise on Thursday, and lo and behold—yesterday a.m. I received a call on my cell phone from a HouseValues seller that entered our system January ’06. I had never spoken with them, but had left a complete hard copy package at their door. They had thanked me via email. They’ve been on my HouseValues newsletter and drip campaign.

When they called me yesterday, they said they were ready to list “now”, and when I entered their home, they welcomed me as their long time real estate advisor. It was amazing!! Further evidence of how effective the HouseValues system can be. These folks never spoke of interviewing others, trusted me completely for advise, and really gave me validation for my professionalism. The house will most likely sell before I return from my vacation!

Keep those leads coming!!!~