Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Five days, and three deals already in the works...

Janet Tarity has been a HouseValues subscriber for all of five days.

She got one of her first leads from a lady and did a quick follow-up, just as her coach recommended. Upon calling the consumer, Janet found out that the prospect was going through a divorce, and her husband is going to give her a $100,000 buy out for her half of the house. So she came to HouseValues.com to find out what it was actually worth.

Well, Janet will be stopping by to formally evaluate the market value (which is estimated much higher) and will likely be putting the two of them in contract for a total of 3 deals! If the husband doesn’t decide to sell, the wife will then have a pretty sizable down payment for the home she is going to buy from Janet.

Five days in, and already three pending deals. Not bad. Congratulations Janet!