Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dispatch from East Coast seminars last week

Quick break for me between seminars, and it's been awhile since I've given an update here. I'll try to be better about that moving forward.

Last week we were on the East Coast for three seminars.

In Stamford, Connecticut, we had five investors join us for the day. One mentioned to me that it was reassuring to realize how the market worked- agents continue to list and sell, especially after all the negative news about the housing market.

Also in Stamford, subscriber Mary Stetson was an outstanding speaker. She spoke about how she built her entire brokerage business around our system and the leads. It is a competitive edge in recruiting. Mark Norman told the audience that he was impressed with the traffic to HomePages.com so far, as well as the response from consumers. He also mentioned that the consumers who go to HomePages tend to be ready to act more quickly than consumers on other Web sites he has worked with. He has HouseValues, JustListed and now HomePages and he loves the entire program.

In New Brunswick, Frank Glaush was our guest speaker. He is a part time agent who started with HouseValues a couple years ago, then added JustListed buyer leads about a year and a half ago. He said he wanted to get started in real estate while he was in the process of selling his restaurant. He didn’t want to be without income for 6 months. He sold his restaurant, it closes end of Sept at which time he will go full time in real estate. He mentioned that he could never have done that without HouseValues. He just wouldn’t have had time to prospect for leads and follow-up while running the restaurant at the same time.

In Morristown, New Jersey, Sheldon Neal spoke about all of the showing he has had thanks to his JustListed leads, with another offer being written up this. He credits his success to the fact that he has a "0: response time. He gets a "money call" from a customer, and stops at home, his office, or a library to respond immediately to each request.

More dispatches from the road soon. In the meantime, you can check out my other musings at AgentCEO.com.

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