Thursday, May 18, 2006

On the road with our agents

We've been all over the country the past few weeks - New York, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia - conducting new seminars with our subscribers. We're sharing with them our secrets to being more successful as a real estate agent, and they're sharing with us their success stories as well.

A woman at the New York seminar had been with us for six years, and shared that the system works and over the years has always more than paid for itself.

Ray Porter, a recently relocated agent from Atlanta who moved to Chicago, shared how he sold his 250-person customer database in Atlanta for $10,000. The purchasing agent has since left the business and Ray shared how he has now received five referral fees from his Atlanta database. In addition, he shared how only by subscribing to JustListed he has been able to close three transactions in Chicago after only three months in the market.

Kathy Hawkins, our speaker in Denver, told the class just to do everything we tell them to do. She said she doesn’t do anything special, just follows the steps to success, treats all leads the same and follows-up. Her unassuming manner and success from consistent follow-up made a huge impact on the agents in the seminar. When we went around the room at the end of the day to ask what will you differently after today to help grow your business, most of the agents mentioned follow-up.

Many of the speakers are telling stories of how HomePages is assisting them in not only obtaining and marketing their listings, but also in capturing prospects from the traffic being sent to them via the advertising program.

Back on the road next week!