Monday, February 19, 2007

One Month, Two Deals & Eight HouseValues Referrals

One month old subscriber Connie Johns in Toledo, OH recently contacted her HouseValues sales representative Loren Dunbar to tell Lauren how happy she is. Connie is so excited about HouseValues she has become an ACTIVE PROMOTER sending in over eight referrals in only one month! Below is a fantastic excerpt from a referral email Connie sends to her peers who she feels would make great HouseValues subscribers:

“I started with the HouseValues program in early January this year. Like you I need to invest wisely what little money I have. I believe I made a good choice with House Values. My goal this year was to get my name out and keep "in their faces". HouseValues has some really neat programs within its system to do just that! I actually got a listing from a friend that had forgotten I was in real estate until they got the email drip. I got another listing because I showed them "added value" of advertising their home on an additional web site besides the ones the Danberry offers.

There are multiple forums, email campaigns, additional learning tools, databases available so it is not just about the leads. I'm finding the whole thing quite good.

I have received the leads as they were guaranteed. Please keep in mind that these are LEADS...not prospects....that is our job to turn them into prospects. Well let me tell you it's kept me hopping contacting all these people and I will be hopefully be writing my first offer for a couple that I received from House Values next week. (We’re waiting on pre-approval and as luck would have it, Monday is a banking holiday)

Am I happy with what I've gained? Do I think I've invested wisely? I figure because I work in lower end range that 2 deals will pay for my year’s investment. I'm satisfied and would urge you to sign on board.”