Monday, December 18, 2006

Persistence Pays Off

HouseValues subscriber Dean Lawthers from Kelseyville, CA celebrates his first transaction to the rest of the HosueValues MasterMind fourm community:

"I have been waiting for this day so that I could register a post and let everyone know that this program does work. This is my first post to this forum. I read a lot of the posts and follow a lot of your successes and frustrations but if I don't have anything different to say than what you are posting. As many of you have mentioned you have to slog throught the muck and mire of bad phone numbers, incorrect Email addresses, and people who just really aren't interested in working with you to get to the point where you actually get a good lead that results in a sale.

All I can say is that the system worked for me. I told myself that I would give it one year to see if the money I spent for the year was worth it. I can now say without hesitation that it does!! I just had a closing on Thursday 12-14-06 on a home that I had the buyers on. They came to me through my
HouseValues subscription and it took 12 months but my patience paid off.

I have been a subscriber since January 2006 and this is my first sale but the over $6000 dollars that I made from the commission pays me almost double what I paid for my fee for this past year. Consequently I will continue to work the system by sending emails to phony addresses and trying to call incorrect numbers and waiting for responses that will most likely never come. That is the way the system works and if you work the system, the system will work for you."