Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Feeding Your Funnel"

Orlando, FL HouseValues subscriber Jim Tomlinson shares his success story and advice to other members of the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

“I'm not talking about the Wrigley's DoubleMint Gum Twins. I'm talking about maximizing your time making the Mini CMA deliveries.

This just happened today.

As I was out dropping off my mini CMA packets, I passed a day care center very close to one of my HouseValues prospects. So, I circled the block so I could drop by and ask about the neighborhood. I met the actual owner of the day care center who was locking up the place.
Here is what she said: "Wow, you won't believe this. I am so glad you dropped by. My husband and I were just pre-qualified for a home up to $500K and we wanted an agent that wasn't a friend or family member. We couldn't think of any...then you showed up."

I told her what I was doing in the neighborhood, and how I offer personal service. She couldn't grab pen and paper fast enough to give me ALL of her information.

She is now on an email drip campaign and listings search.