Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dedicated Prospects

Renee Kruse a HouseValues subscriber from Orland Park, IL had a great post on the HouseValues MasterMind forum illustrating the importance of continual contact with all prospects:

"I just wanted to share my experience with a lead from June of 2004. I got a call this morning from this person. She was explaining who she was and we began talking. I am blessed with a great memory so I remembered speaking to her early last year. I had only spoken to her once on the telephone and she told me about her past experience with house hunting. They sold their home in 1 day so they had to find a home in a hurry. She told me she is very particular and that she was in no rush.

I would check in with her time from time through email to see if she wanted to make any changes to the listing criteria or if I could help in any way. So when she called me today she wanted to know if I could show her a home she was interested in. I said Sure, I then asked if it was one that I recently sent to her and she said no. She got it from someone else. She adjusted her price range to $275,000 and I had her only at $250,000. Long story short she wants me to show her properties because I am the only Realtor that has been dedicated to her for over 2 years.

Once again the drip email campaign and search works! I was so touched that she decided to call me. Now that's dedication."