Monday, November 06, 2006

Claudia's Grand Slam Florida Seminar Update

Luiz Porto is a subscriber-newer agent, started with us. He just made the top 50 realtor list in Tampa.

Lon and Carmen Torman were our guest speakers in Orlando. They call as soon as they get the lead. They have been in Real Estate for 2 years and with HouseValues for 1 1/2 . Lon and Carmen have spent $15,000 with us and made $170,000 in commissions. Great work!

Jordan Miller has been with us 3 weeks. He is writing his first JL contract next week.

John Egger from Tampa has earned 4 times what he has invested with HouseValues. He did that much just by working the system with very little follow-up. He said imagine how much I could earn if I actually followed up. He bought HouseValues folders after the seminar and told me he will start doing the hand deliveries. He has left too much money on the table!