Friday, October 27, 2006

6 Deals In 1 Month

Team Derek Crager got 6 deals in one month as they shared on the HouseValues MasterMind forum:

"One came through about 1 1/2 months ago. She was so impressed with my follow up, both on the phone, and via email, she decided to work with me. We are closing on her 250k home on Monday. On top of that, I get to sell their 200k home for them. They are fortunate enough to be able to buy before having to sell their home they are living in.

Another came through 3 weeks ago. All I had was name and email address, but a quick Google search turned up she is a doctor that works about 5 minutes from my house. We took her out looking at 500-800k homes last week (the average home price in Indianapolis is only 150k so this is a huge lead). She is ready to buy now when we find the right home. She also has a 220k home we are going to sell for her (another one that can move up without selling current home first). Then I found out she has a vacant piece of commercial land in a high demand area she wants us to sell when this is all done.

Last month I had a guy call me and leave a message. I couldn't even remember who he was. I called my business partner (Derek) to pull up Top Producer to refresh my memory. This was a guy that has been viewing our listings for almost 18 months (only had an email address). He was pre-approved; we closed his home last month (only an 85k home, but still pays for 3-4 months of market leader). Not bad for a $250/month commitment. These are just the most recent ones, have many others from the past 15-18 months as well."