Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Won't lose another listing again!"

Here's another great story posted on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum. It's very exciting for us to watch our customers discover how long-term prospect management strategies can, in fact, yield greater results. And sometimes, as this post suggests, it takes a lost listing and "learning the hard way" to get back on track.

Ok, first I have only been with HouseValues since June 06. At first I was gung-ho about all the leads I was receiving, then after a few weeks of getting zero results, I grew frustrated and decided to focus on some more productive uses of my time. In the beginning, I did everything that was suggested both by my coach and here on the forum with zero results. (Read between the lines, didn’t register that it takes time cultivate leads; it wasn’t/isn’t a get to closing quick program). So, I began to slack off. First it was don’t call these people just wasting minutes on my cell phone. Then I stopped dropping off prelisting packages at the homes. I even stopped calling my coach. So you see where this is going, HouseValues is not working, why bother.

So, what happened? Earlier this week I had a walkthrough with one of my clients that was fairly close to a HouseValues lead’s home and decided to drive by and drop off the prelisting package (oh, I had it in my car for over a week, just never got it delivered, remember it was a waste of time anyways). To my surprise one of my competitors now has a sign in the yard. I was mad (at myself). Why, because I had talked with this lady on the phone twice, both times she said she hadn’t received any of the emails or the original prelisting package I dropped off, but that she really wanted to sell her house. Yeah right, I thought, but told her I would drop by with another one last week. Well, guess I waited too long.

So, what have I done since? Well, I have gone back and started resending emails and dropping off prelisting packages to all my leads and any new leads get them delivered within 48 hours (That is the goal I set, but it really is the following day).

As a result of this new action, I have talked with several of my contacts. Most are not looking to sell yet, but the yesterday I received a call from one of the leads I left the package for since nobody was home. She NEEDS to sell her home NOW! And wanted to know when I can come by to talk her and start the process. Does that mean, all my contacts are going to list with me? NO! But when this house sells, it will pay for my HouseValues subscription. We are meeting on Tuesday to sign the listing agreement.

Also, I have been noticing several of my leads are going back into the CMA’s that I originally emailed them. Some are actually finding the one that was just left may have different information as more homes have sold in their areas since their initial request.

In addition, I have emailed my coach (she’s on vacation until Tuesday) to schedule a session and see what else she can suggest.

So I guess the old saying it true. “If it is to be – it is up to me” Do I want the listings or should I let my competitors get them? Did I tell you how much I hate losing?