Thursday, September 28, 2006

HouseValues Agent Support Network

One of the things we are so proud of at HouseValues is our network of agents offering advice and feedback one another. Here is a great example of this support network from our HouseValues MasterMind forum:

“Like the others have said, it's a numbers game. I joined HouseValues in June and before this past weekend, have had zero results. Each month I pay for 10 HouseValues leads, like you said it's a lot of money going out to received nothing. Being new to HouseValues, I am not sure if everyone goes though the "THIS DOES NOT WORK, WHY BOTHER" phase but from the messages on the forum, I believe a lot of us do. I did! Then I got mad, I was not going to spend this kind of money and not show any return. I started reading everything I could on the forum that was positive (stay away for the negative stuff it will only get you down) and/or offered ideas about how to work the program. As a result, last week I picked up 2 listings.

What did I do?

Day 1 - Act quickly. First email went out as quickly as possible, followed up by CMA at earliest possible time.

Day 2 - Send Post CMA

Day 3 - Drop off prelisting package/CMA.

Day 4 - I make my first phone call. After sending the CMA I choose follow up in 72 hours when I get reminded. If they say that they never received the CMA, I ask what would be a good time to drop by with a hard copy. (I also ask them to check their junk mail box). Key, when talking to a prospect is to ask open ended questions. Like: What do you think of the information I sent you? Remember, you are prospecting for gold, in order to find it you have to keep asking questions. If all the questions require yes or no answers you won't get the details need to find your payday. People like to talk about their favorite subject: themselves and/or family. Why are you thinking of selling? Why were you curious? Where are you planning on moving to? What is your timeframe for moving?

Day 5 and beyond - If they seem the least bit interested in selling, I schedule a follow up call in a week. If there not interested, I follow up the next time they come up on my activities list. But follow up and more follow up are the only things that I know that work.

Hope this helps some.”