Friday, September 15, 2006

“The Backbone of My Advertising Budget”

One agent writes on the MasterMind forum why her HouseValues system has helped her achieve unimaginable business results:

“I have been with HouseValues since 2004. In my first year with HouseValues, I had nine sales from HouseValues and one from my Just Listed leads. In two of these transactions, I was actually the listing agent.

Year to date, I have eight closed transactions from my HouseValues and JustListed leads with two more in escrow. One of these sales is from a JustListed lead I never met who referred a relocating co-worker to me. Additionally, I have my first closing scheduled for 2007 already! I've also referred out and received a fee on another closing. Plus, I've have two other active listings from my leads. I'm also working with more than a handful of active buyers. I love it.

I know that HouseValues is why I'm where I'm at today. The volume of leads has created a situation where I have critical mass. When I was just starting out, I had too much time to think, and having a steady supply of leads kept me busy, positive and focused on servicing my business. The system is working for me.”