Friday, August 25, 2006

Success in the Southwest

Brenda Stewart has been a HouseValues subscriber since late April in the Albuquerque area. She moved to Albuquerque from Southern California, where she had built a large book of business and was well-established. Brenda was hoping to use HouseValues to get a jump-start in a market where no one yet knew her.

Three months later, she had closed her first deal from HouseValues, with several more in her pipeline. She tells us that she loves how HouseValues gives her exclusive prospects, and how Market Leader helps her build brand and name recognition. She even recently took a vacation, knowing that Market Leader was working behind the scenes to cultivate her entire pipeline.

Brenda has also been sharing the system with friends in Southern California, knowing that the system can help agents at all career stages and in any market.

Great work Brenda!