Thursday, August 31, 2006

Success in South Bend

John Sherk has been a HouseValues subscriber in South Bend, Indiana for just one month, but is a great example of how our subscribers value the HouseValuessystem beyond the leads they receive.

Read on to see how this agent is already getting listings by using Market Leader to follow up with his leads:

“I signed up with HouseValues soon after the ‘How to Make Six-Figures Every Three Months’ MasterMind Call. I was really frustrated with how many leads I was getting. My pipeline was down to a trickle, so I decided to give HouseValues a try. I was stoked when I started to see results right away. Within 13 days I already had my first listing! I expect this house to sell pretty quickly because of the list price we have on it. The commission on this one deal will fund my HouseValues subscription for the entire year."

"In addition, I recently picked up another listing from a lead I followed up with in Market Leader. I think that’s one of the hidden benefits of using HouseValues: its not just leads—it’s a leads follow up system. I can’t imagine being more satisfied with HouseValues.”