Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sellers are buyers, too...

Here's a nice story posted today on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum, from an agent who has learned that seller are often BUYERS as well:

I received a HouseValues lead in June 2005. The sellers were hoping for a job transfer in another state. I met with them and did a full blown CMA. When the job transfer didn't materialize, they gave me permission to keep in touch, because they knew they wanted a bigger house some time in the future. Whenever I'd call, they'd say they weren't ready yet, but to keep in touch.

This past April, I started showing them houses. I have an accepted offer on their current home, as well as an accepted offer on their next home. We're set to close in September!

Another time, I received a HouseValues lead from a prospect that was already listed. I sent the market evaluation and the "your home is already listed" e-mail. After a few months they fired their agent and called me to ask if I'd still consider working with them. I sold their house and referred them to an agent in the area they moved to for a referral fee.