Friday, August 25, 2006

Sellers are buyers, too - Part II

Here's another story of a HouseValues lead turning into a buyer as well. This from the HouseValues Mastermind Forum:

We had a HouseValues lead that we listed and sold her home and helped her purchase her next home. When I delivered the CMA she felt so comfortable with me that she told me right then that she was going to stick with us and not use another Realtor. She has emailed us a couple times since closing and said thank you and always asks for our business cards so she can refer us to her friends and family.

Her parents were complaining at closing (her parents were at the closing for some reason) about how ridiculous it is that Realtors get paid too much and she argued with her dad and defended us and said well you can go get a cheaper commission but you'll get a Realtor that sits on their butt or you can just hire someone (like me) who works hard and gets the job done.

It was pretty cool. She'll definitely be a client for life.