Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Riding the Internet to the Top

Melinda Williams, an Agent CEO with McEnearney Realtors in McLean, VA, knows how to work Internet leads. She also knows that these leads are the future of her real estate business, and can help her accelerate to the top of her office.

A few weeks ago, Melinda received a buyer lead from a single, 27-year-old who was interested in buying her first home. The buyer was educated, qualified and ready to go after doing research on her own online. Within two weeks, Melinda had helped the buyer place an offer on her first home.

Melinda recently expanded her volume of monthly leads from HouseValues, and now expects her business to "explode" (her words) over the next two years.

Even more exciting is what's happening at Melinda's office. McEnearney Realtors is hiring new, Web-savvy agents to grow their business in the next few years. And Melinda is quickly becoming a leader among that group as she demonstrates how Internet-enabled consumers can pay dividends and accelerate income growth faster than traditional marketing.

Great work Melinda!