Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Relationship-building pays off

Another success story send from a subscriber to her HouseValues coach:

To my wonderful coach-A Success Story!!!

A HouseValues lead came into my system in 2004. The questionaire said selling ASAP. I spoke to the owner and she decided it was not time to sell. On the email campaign she went. During one of our coaching sesions, you suggested I put some of my Prospects on a separate EMail Farm campaign.

The Prospect has now called me 2 years later and said I am ready to SELL. When I arrived to the appt. she said "Thank You for sending me all those e-mails. I'm not calling my Realtor, you sent me all the emails all this time".

No other Realtors were called in. They gave me the Survey, Floor Plan, and House Photo. The rapport was terrific. I walked out without the listing, but left the listing paperwork behind. I followed up two days later and We lsited the Property - $849,900!

Thank You HouseValues for all your training & the best propecting system out there!!!