Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leads are good, system is great!

Had to share this post on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum from a subscriber team from Exit First Realty in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Matt Crofcheck and Jill Frankovich joined HouseValues in March of this year, and you can read the kind of impact it's having on both their business and their perspectives...

I'll be honest, the leads are good but the system is great. We've literally doubled to tripled clients interacting with us daily within the 1st month of use. Just by utilizing the tools on this service we are looking at our Q4 being = to Q1,Q2,Q3 combined without JustListed.

Lead generation is a great thing but follow up is what takes the most time. HouseValues eliminated our need to add an additional person. We too giggle because every morning we wake up and think.... who's going to contact us today? It used to be who can we call... now we have people calling us, emailing us daily, and leads transitioning into our active client load. We no longer need someone to do the admin... we now need help to list and help all the buyers.