Friday, August 25, 2006

Just what she needed

We love these kind of emails from customers, especially to end the week on a high note! These two emails came in this morning to Steve Hammond, the account executive who initially signed Bernie up.

Email #1

Steve -

Just a quick thank you for all your continuous help.

When I first saw HouseValues, I was sure it was like all the other leads companies around and didn't give it much thought. However, then YOU came along and I believed what you told me and took a chance. I only have praises for you and your company - I KNEW I had to do something for business and thanks to you I am!!

As my pastor preached, "the wake doesn't drive the boat, so let go of the past and start the future!"

So here I go - starting over again at 58! YOU are an AWESOME man and I thank God every night that you helped me to start my future!

Thanks Steve,

Email #2

Steve -

I did not have enough room on the first email and realized I did not praise HouseValues for the easy to use system.

I just love the way everything is a click of a button -no guessing what's been emailed, if person has read it etc. I am especially grateful for all the prewritten letters and scripts - what a blessing for me!

You guys have given me the ability to run my business the way it should be run without the stress, frustration and aggregation of doing business. Your system "frees" me up to meet new clients and to do my networking.

Your leads are fabulous, great response from these people, as far as emailing back to me and being really surprised for the quick turn around time and emails. Thanks again, you are a life saver!