Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"I'm Sticking With HouseValues"

Corbin Turpin, an Agent CEO with Citywide Realty in Overland Park, Kansas, signed up with HouseValues in late February of this year.

Within four months, he had closed six transactions - four buyers and two sellers - and has six pending transactions right now. That's 12 transactions just since late February, all from HouseValues leads.

His secret? Not just working the leads, but using the entire HouseValues system. Corbin is also a real estate educator, and spends time working with other real estate agents teaching them new strategies to be successful. In his work as a trainer, he says he's tried lots of other services for finding and converting consumers into home buyers and sellers.

"Once you find a good one, stick with it," Corbin tells his students. "I'm sticking with HouseValues."