Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dan Volker's secret FSBO strategy

Exclusive for HouseValues Subscribers!

This morning's HouseValues Mastermind Call featured Dan Volker, a true Agent CEO and one of our most successful subscribers in the Chicago area. On the call today, Dan talked about his secrets to converting FSBO buyers into his own customers, including several documents he uses along the way.

Attached below are copies of the documents he uses. Thanks so much Dan for being willing to share these!

HouseValues subscribers - Feel free to download and emulate these tools in your own business. And good luck!

To find the FSBO package that Dan uses to successfully convert FSBO’s into transactions, follow the below link. Once you log in with below info, look for the File Sharing link and then the folder titled “Dan Volker’s Packet”

Click here to check out the site.

You will need to use one of the following generic logins:

All have the same password: housevalues

There is one hitch- only one person can be on the site at one time using the same log in. If person “A” chooses the login and another person tries to log in with same ID while “A” is still on the site, “A” will get bumped off. I’m told if “A” is in the middle of a download it will continue without a problem. Only when you try to go to another part of the site do you realize you’ve been bumped.

That’s why there’s 5 login ID’s.

Take a few minutes and play around with the site- it is pretty cool. Better yet, upload something for the rest of us to see.