Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daily Motivator podcasts now available

By popular demand, HouseValues has launched a "Daily Motivator" podcast. Every business day, real estate professionals can pick up a quick audio tip to start their day. Best practices, marketing tips, motivational messages and more. Most Daily Motivators are just 2-3 minutes long, but are a great way to start your day. A couple recent podcasts include:

* Turn $1.50 into $12,000
* Building a Pipeline
* Working with Buyers

Daily Motivators are available for FREE! To get an RSS feed for your Web site, just click on the XML link below. Or, just visit the iTunes Store and search for "Daily Motivator." iTunes allows you to "subscribe" to the feed, so that new Motivators are sent to your iPod automatically.

OR, just click on this link to hear a sample of the Daily Motivator podcasts and subscribe via Pluggd. No iPod necessary!